QPR Suicide Prevention Training Courses

QPR for EMS/Firefighter

Upon completion of this training, participants should:

  • Understand the common myths and facts surrounding suicide
  • Recognize at least three suicide warning signs
  • Recognize and identify at least three risk factors for suicide
  • Recognize and identify at least three protective factors against suicide
  • Understand means restriction and how to immediately reduce risk
  • Recognize someone at risk of suicide
  • Demonstrate basic knowledge about suicide and its causes
  • Identify unique verbal, behavioral, and situational suicide warning signs
  • Know how to inquire about suicidal intent and desire
  • Know how to engage and assist a suicidal colleague, co-worker, friend or family member
  • Apply QPR with potentially suicidal people
  • Understand suicide as a major public health problem
  • Understand the nature of suicide and describe at least one theory of suicidal behavior
  • Be able to define the range of suicidal behaviors
  • Understand the preferred language of suicide
  • Know what to say to people who have attempted suicide and to the loved ones left behind by a completed suicide
  • Understand the relationship of mental illness and substance abuse to suicide