QPR Suicide Prevention Training Courses

QPR for Law Enforcement

Participants earning the certificate of completion should:

  • Understand suicide as a major public health problem
  • Understand the common myths and facts surrounding suicide
  • Know that suicide is serious problem among law enforcement professionals
  • Be able to identify unique verbal, behavioral, and situational suicide warning signs among police officers and others
  • Recognize at least three suicide warning signs
  • Show significant gains in skill and confidence in how to conduct a QPR intervention
  • Understand means restriction and how to immediately reduce risk
  • Recognize and identify at least three risk factors for suicide
  • Recognize and identify at least three protective factors against suicide
  • Know how to engage and assist a suicidal co-worker, colleague, friend or family member
  • Demonstrate QPR intervention skills
  • Understand the nature of suicide and describe at least one theory of suicidal behavior¬†
  • Understand how to use basic helping skills to enhance protective factors and reduce risk factors when dealing with suicide events
  • Engage in an interactive and helpful conversation with someone who has attempted suicide
  • Engage in an interactive and helpful conversation with the loved ones or family members of someone who has died by suicide
  • Understand the suicide-by-cop phenomenon
  • Pass a nationally standardized quiz demonstrating fundamental knowledge about suicide.