QPR Suicide Prevention Training Courses

Train-the-Trainer Course to Teach QPR for First Episode Psychosis

Learning Goals and Objectives

The QPR for First Episode Psychosis training program is designed to train Certified QPR Instructors how to teach this 1 hour module to public and professional audiences. The target audience includes any lay or professional person in strategic contact with youth, e.g., school teachers, probation officers, counselors, academic advisers, social workers, ministers, mental health professionals, and others in a position to observe and respond to young people who be experiencing the onset of a psychotic disorder. 

Your mission is to teach an evidence-based, expert-authored set of slides to help audiences understand the nature of psychosis, recognize the emergence of possible symptoms, phases of the illness, and treatments available.  This 1-hour program is then followed by QPR training approved for those working with youth.  

Using the medical model approach to training - see one, do one, teach one - your learning sequence is as follows:

1. Complete First Episode Psychosis online training program delivered by Dr. Jon McClellan, pass the quizzes, and earn a certificate. You will review QPR training in this integrated online course.

2. Complete this Train-the-Trainer online course, study and review all content modules, slides, talking points, referenced professional papers, and learn how to teach Dr. McClellan's slides to your audiences. If, after completing this course you do not feel competent to teach Dr. McClellan's slides, you may opt to show his video lectures to your audiences and conduct Q&A sessions as you do in your QPR training.

3. When you have completed this course, you will be authorized to teach the QPR for Psychosis program and may download and print your certificate.

Once you have completed the online T4T you must register with the QPR Institute as qualified to teach the QPR for FEP.  You will be placed on a list of approved providers of this training program and be allowed to purchase any required additional material for distribution to your audiences.

Please note:

The First Episode Psychosis (FEP) module can be taught:

A) as part of a QPR training or,

B) as a stand-alone 1-hour training program for those already trained in QPR

Required Materials

The new edition of the QPR booklet contains a brief entry about FEP only, much like the brief entry about the role depression or alcohol play in increasing risk for suicide.

To teach the new FEP module you may be required to distribute an additional brochure summarizing the scope of the problem, symptoms of FEP, and other evidence-based facts and figures about this brain disorder.  These may be purchased from the QPR Institute through the bookstore or by contacting the institute. 

As before, you may charge a fee for your time and materials to teach this program as you see fit.

Certified QPR Instructors approved to teach the QPR for First Episode Psychosis should be able to:

  • Deliver standardized core curriculum per agreed-to standards and expectations for excellence in training
  • Be familiar with the research, practice guidelines, and clinical features and symptoms of FEP
  • Describe the current challenges and limitations in the diagnosis of FEP
  • Name three evidence-based interventions shown to be effective in the treatment of psychotic symptoms
  • Describe a model intervention and best practice guidelines for FEP
  • Be able to direct participants to more information, resources, support groups, and other services 
  • Teach when and why an initial assessment of suicide risk is indicated 
  • Teach participants common terms used when discussing First Episode Psychosis
  • Train participants in how to immediately reduce the acute distress, despair, and hopelessness in youth experiencing FEP
  • Pass a standardized exam based on the core content of this training program