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QPR Suicide Prevention Training Courses

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Maritime/Cruise Line QPR Gatekeeper Instructor

Category: Gatekeeper Instructor Certification

Counseling Suicidal People: a Therapy of Hope

Category: Counseling Suicidal People

Ethics and Suicide: Do the Right Thing and the Right Time and Avoid Suicide Malpractice Every Time.

Category: Ethics and Suicide
Three voice-over PowerPoint video lectures (about 20 minutes per lecture), case study seminar in avoiding suicide malpractice, and specific recommendations on mitigating exposure to claims of suicide malpractice.

Online Counseling and Suicide Intervention Specialist

Category: Suicide Prevention Education
Online Suicide Prevention Specialist Training Course

QPR for Corrections

Category: Corrections

QPR for Crisis Volunteers and Students

Category: Crisis Volunteers and Students

QPR for Law Enforcement

Category: Law Enforcement

QPR for Nurses 2.0

Category: Nurses

QPR for Psychosis

Category: Psychosis

QPR for School Health Professionals

Category: QPR for School Professionals